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Serenity Knolls separates itself from other addiction and co-occurring anxiety disorder treatment centers by offering the Foundation Enrichment Program build around the 12-Step social model of recovery.  By identifying the mental health issue tied to you or your loved one’s addiction, we are able to address both in a setting of complete healing. 85% of our staff are in recovery and bring their experiences to help our residents rebuild their foundation. When you start your journey to lasting sobriety at Serenity Knolls, you will never again walk alone.

Learn More About Anxiety Treatment

Learn More About 12-Step Anxiety Treatment & Recovery at Serenity Knolls

Stress is a normal reaction that can serve to get individuals out of the way of danger or motivate them to take some necessary action. Some people develop such a heightened and consistent feeling of anxiousness, however, that daily life and health are negatively impacted. When these anxious sentiments are accompanied by substance abuse, the effects can be particularly devastating.

If a person is addicted to a substance and also suffers from anxiety disorder, the chance of getting better through his or her own efforts alone is slim. Anxiety disorders (including social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and social phobia) may lead to substance abuse and then the anxiety symptoms can be magnified by the substance use disorder. There are healthy ways to cope with anxiety without abusing substances, but oftentimes individuals find that numbing the distressing symptoms they experience is most simply accomplished through the use of drugs or alcohol. Sometimes, anxiety disorders develop in reaction to the effects of addiction. While it may be difficult to determine whether addiction or anxiety appeared first, what matters most is that both can be effectively treated at a professional addiction rehab and anxiety treatment center.

Serenity Knolls can treat co-occurring disorders only when secondary to you or your loved one’s substance use disorder and the individual is deemed stable enough to engage in and benefit from treatment.

The anxiety treatment and addiction rehab provided to men and women at Serenity Knolls applies leading research technologies and therapies that demonstrate a deep understanding of addictions and anxiety disorders. By offering a number of treatment techniques along with personalized treatment planning, the team at Serenity Knolls, located in California, is ready to offer supportive, understanding tools to make life better.

Helping a Loved One

Helping a Loved One or Family Member Get Anxiety Treatment

Addiction and anxiety disorders affect all who are involved in the life of the individual who is suffering from these conditions. If a person you care about struggles with these two concerns, it is understandable if you feel a desire to help but are unsure of what actions you can take to do so. We commend you for your intentions, and are sincerely pleased to provide you with some practical help to get started today. Please consider the following:

  • Try to do some homework on addiction and anxiety disorders. Base your research on verifiable websites or professional sources.
  • Get the conversation with your loved one going in a calm manner. Mention your own feelings and observations, and patiently listen as your loved one has a turn to speak. Make it clear that you are supportive and that you care. Do not by any means turn this into an opportunity to accuse or to argue.
  • Look for treatment centers that accommodate the emotional and physical needs of your loved one. Does he or she need treatment and rehab for a specific addiction, such as alcohol addiction, or benzodiazepine dependence, for example? Understand that this entire process is likely to be very overwhelming to him or her, so take on as much of the load yourself as you can in scheduling appointments at addiction and anxiety treatment centers, if possible.
  • Go with your loved one to treatment center tours and/or appointments as much as possible. When he or she is ready to begin treatment, doing simple things like helping him or her pack can show your support. Additional signs of support, like writing letters of encouragement while he or she is in treatment and rehab can be another great way of showing how much you care.
  • The treatment center probably has opportunities for your involvement. See if therapy sessions can include you, or if there are classes that you can take to educate yourself on what the recovery process involves from that point forward.

Care for yourself; this cannot be stressed enough. Support groups are available for friends and family members of those who are suffering from addictions or other mental health disorders. You may realize that some of the stress in your own life is resulting from this situation, and attending sessions held by such groups can greatly assist you.

Why Consider Us?

Why Consider 12-Step Anxiety Treatment at Serenity Knolls Rehab Center in California

Attempting addiction recovery without professional help, especially when it is complicated by the presence of an anxiety disorder, is extremely challenging and wrought with opportunity for relapse. Leaving such conditions entirely untreated should not even be considered an option. Job, home, health, and family loss are all too common. In all seriousness, loss of life could also be the result of not pursuing treatment as soon as possible. Anxiety can worsen when untreated and even lead to the onset of other mental health disorders. Therefore, it is important to pursue professional care at a treatment center that addresses addiction and anxiety. Doing so can pave the road back to the healthy and productive life that all people deserve. When looking for anxiety treatment, you or your loved one may have been searching broadly for “treatment centers near me?” In California, there is one clear choice.

Types of Treatment Available

Types of Anxiety Treatment Offered at Serenity Knolls

Serenity Knolls is your choice for anxiety treatment when you or your loved one asks the question: what is the best treatment center near me? Perched on a knoll in the majestic San Geronimo Valley in Marin County, California, Serenity Knolls is a leading provider of clinically excellent, evidenced-based chemical dependency rehab and treatment for adults over the age of 18. In addition to the comprehensive treatment that we offer for individuals who are working to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol, we are also pleased to provide programming at our center for individuals who are suffering from mental health disorders, including anxiety disorders, in addition to a substance abuse problem. Having succeeded in earning the reputation as one of the premier residential treatment centers in California, at Serenity Knolls, we are proud to have helped thousands of men and women overcome their struggles and move on towards living fulfilling and fruitful lives.

At Serenity Knolls, our primary goal is to help residents overcome the suffering they experience as a result of being dependent on drugs and/or alcohol. Yet, we also understand the profound distress that can arise when individuals are suffering from both chemical dependency and a mental health condition, like an anxiety disorder. As such, we strive to offer those who are entrusted into our care with the well-rounded interventions and rehab for addiction and anxiety that they need in order to find true and lasting healing. By partaking in the care we offer here at Serenity Knolls, individuals can both overcome their addictions and learn to manage the symptoms of anxiety disorders.

The multidisciplinary treatment and rehab teams that we employ here at Serenity Knolls are dedicated to devising individualized treatment plans for each man or woman who engages in our programming. Those customized plans of care may include the following interventions:

Individual therapy: Conducted by psychologists and marriage and family therapists, individual therapy sessions are an invaluable treatment intervention for individuals who are suffering from an anxiety disorder and substance abuse concerns. During these one-on-one sessions, which occur on a weekly basis, men and women have the opportunity to discuss their progress in treatment, address any concerns that they have, and work towards overcoming any personal challenges that they are facing.

Individual counseling: In addition to weekly individual therapy sessions, residents at Serenity Knolls also benefit from receiving daily counseling sessions with experienced and compassionate drug and alcohol counselors. This serves as a time for residents to check-in with their counselors so that they can address any immediate concerns or crises, as well as to ensure that they are progressing positively in their rehab and treatment.

 Group therapy: Group therapy sessions are another extremely beneficial therapeutic intervention for individuals who are suffering from chemical dependency and co-occurring symptoms of an anxiety disorder. These sessions, which occur several times each week, provide residents with an opportunity to come together with other residents who are facing similar challenges. In this environment, individuals can give and receive support and encouragement to and from other residents. These group sessions are led by psychologists, marriage and family therapists, and experienced alcohol and drug counselors, and other healthcare professionals. The various types of groups that residents may participate in during their time at Serenity Knolls can include the following:

  • Educational groups
  • Men’s groups
  • Process groups
  • Women’s groups
  • 12-Step groups

Couples and family counseling: Knowing how important relationships can play an immensely significant role in the healing and recovery of individuals who are suffering from substance abuse problems and co-occurring anxiety disorders, at Serenity Knolls, we are pleased to offer couples and family counseling to all of our residents at our treatment center upon request.

Weekend Family Program: The Weekend Family Program is designed to offer family members, close friends, and other loved ones the education and support that they need to understand not only their loved one’s struggles, but their own struggles as well. This program features a unique and effective process that includes education, sharing of experiences, and multifamily group therapy sessions.

At Serenity Knolls, located in California, we are aware that recovery does not end with the completion of rehab at our residential treatment program, but is instead a lifetime journey. For this reason, we provide thorough discharge planning for our residents, which include discussions on potential options for continuing care. In addition to any recommendations that are provided, we are also proud to offer our residents, past and present, the lifetime benefit of being able to engage in our aftercare program, at no cost.

If you or your loved one is suffering from an anxiety disorder, and is simultaneously plagued by the compulsion to abuse drugs or alcohol, please reach out to the experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate staff at Serenity Knolls. Here, with appropriate anxiety care and addiction rehab at our treatment center, you can become the person that you deeply want to be. We can help you recover your life.

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My mental health suffered from my addiction and it was too much for me to deal with. With the help of my family, they admitted me to Serenity Knolls for co-occurring disorders treatment. This facility helped me tremendously.

– James W.