Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Serenity Knolls?

Serenity Knolls is located in West Marin, forty minutes (30 miles) northwest of San Francisco.  We are 14 miles west of highway 101 via the Sir Francis Drake Boulevard exit.

What Type of Problems and Disorders are Treated at Serenity Knolls?

The primary problem we address at Serenity Knolls is addiction to alcohol and drugs. However, it is very common for an individual to suffer from an emotional disorder as well as addiction, called dual diagnosis. In our Initial Psychological Evaluation, our clinical staff is assessing for underlying and unaddressed psychological issues. Many include anxiety, depression, ADHD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Bipolar Disorder. We work closely with psychiatrists who specialize in addiction to treat these disorders and will offer referrals to those doctors. At Serenity Knolls, residents are offered weekly therapy sessions with the clinical staff to address these issues as well. We offer a group focusing on the difficulties treating a dual diagnosis and to offer skills to do so.

Do you Offer Drug & Alcohol Detox?

Residents meet with one of two consulting physicians within 24 hours of their arrival to assess their level and need for detox.  If appropriate, we offer a medical detox.

Do you Accept Insurance?

We are not contracted with any insurance company so we do not take insurance as a form of payment.  Some insurance companies will reimburse the individual depending on your plan.  We are happy to make contact with your insurance provider on your behalf while you are a resident to help you get a reimbursement. Prior to entering our program, we recommend that individuals contact their insurance provider and ask if they reimburse for out of network rehabilitation at a social-model residential program.

What Are the Insurance Criteria for Treatment?

Every individual is different and it is based on your insurance plan with your provider.

What is the Length of Addiction Treatment at Serenity Knolls?

The minimum length of treatment is 30 days, although many individuals choose to stay for 60-90 days of treatment.

Will I Have a Roommate in Treatment?

As a part of our social model of treatment, everyone has a roommate and we do not offer private rooms.

Are Their Any Other Options to 12-Step Recovery?

We believe that the 12-step social model of treatment is the most effective and provides for the highest level of long-term sobriety.

Will my Family be Involved in Treatment?

We believe that addiction is a family disease and highly encourage family members to participate in the recovery process.  Two weekends a month we have Family Weekends that are dedicated to family therapy and involvement.  On our Family Weekends, we offer a group called Family Circle for residents and their families, Partners in Recovery for only the family members and friends of the residents, and Teen Support Group for children and siblings of the residents. Serenity Knolls’ Weekend Family Program is a lifetime benefit for those completing the 30-day program commitment.

Is There Aftercare After I Leave Treatment?

When a resident stays at Serenity Knolls for 30 days, they are able to receive free aftercare services for life.

Before residents leave treatment, they create an aftercare plan with the counselors to have a consistent schedule after they leave treatment.  We also hold an Aftercare meeting each week (Tuesday nights in Marin and Wednesday nights in San Francisco) for Serenity Knolls alumni.  The last Tuesday and Wednesday of each month is chip night and alumni are allowed to invite family and friends.

What Will I Need to Bring to Treatment?

We do not allow the use of computers, cell phones or cameras. Our Admissions team will provide you with a detailed welcome package that includes a packing list.

Do You Offer Sober Living?

We do not offer sober living; however we offer referrals to sober living houses and help arrange viewings of those locations prior to leaving Serenity Knolls.

What's a Typical Day Like?

All residents are required to attend all meetings and meals. We also require residents to take part in daily chores. A full schedule can be seen here.

Is There an Exercise Program?

Exercise is not a priority but we do encourage a healthy lifestyle.  We have gym equipment, a walking trail, volleyball court, basketball court, and swimming pool.  Activities can be done during free time.

Do you Offer a Nutrition Plan?

We do not offer a nutrition plan, but we do provide healthy buffet-style meals and try to accommodate to individual needs as needed.

Who Do You Accept For Treatment for Drug & Alcohol Addiction?

We accept individuals age 18 and over who want to treat their alcohol and/or drug addiction.  We help identify other mental health issues although the primary diagnosis has to be substance dependence.

Is It a Locked Down Facility?

No. However, residents are not allowed to leave the property unless on a scheduled pass.

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Serenity Knolls helped not only my husband – but our whole entire family. We go back every year during the holidays to visit and not a day goes by where we are not grateful for where we all are now.

– Henriette C.