It can be hard to ask for help. At Serenity Knolls, we are intimately familiar with the many benefits of entering treatment for a substance abuse problem. Yet, we have never lost sight of the fact that the decision to get help can be fraught with fears, frustrations, and misgivings. To alleviate these concerns, we make a significant effort to ensure that a person’s every interaction with us demonstrates that we appreciate his or her courage, we honor his or her strength, and we are dedicated to providing him or her with a welcoming environment in which to heal.

Our Approach to the Admissions Process

First, we completely understand that the words “admissions process” are unlikely to elicit an enthusiastic response. When most people read these words, they probably think about paperwork and other obstacles that stand between them and their objective. In this case, the objective is treatment and a healthier life. And we want our residents to view the admissions experience not as an obstacle to treatment, but as a valuable first step on the path toward a brighter and more hopeful tomorrow.

Potential residents can start the admissions process with one phone call. When a person who needs care, a family member, or a referring professional calls Serenity Knolls, that phone call will be answered 24/7 by a friendly and informative member of our team. The individual who answers the call will also be able to answer any questions that the caller may have about Serenity Knolls, and can begin the admissions process if the caller desires to enter treatment with us.

The staff member with whom the caller speaks will guide him or her through a series of questions that will gather essential information that will enable us to verify the caller’s eligibility for admissions, and will help us to determine the type and level of care that he or she needs. If a prospective resident requires a psychiatric assessment, an appointment will be scheduled with a clinical psychologist.

Our Admissions Criteria

While each person is assessed according to his or her specific needs, the following are among the general criteria that an individual must meet in order to be eligible for admission into Serenity Knolls:

  • Is an adult, aged 18 or above
  • Has no major medical problems other than a substance use disorder
  • Is ambulatory
  • Is physically and psychologically capable of actively engaging in treatment activities
  • Has a desire to end his or her dependence upon alcohol or other drugs and achieve long-term recovery
  • Indicates a willingness to actively engage in treatment
  • Consents to remain in treatment at Serenity Knolls for a minimum of 30 days

The following are among the criteria that may disqualify an individual from being admitted to Serenity Knolls:

  • Experiencing symptoms that indicate a primary diagnosis of a condition other than a substance use disorder
  • Behaving in a manner that is dangerous to the individual, other residents, and/or members of the Serenity Knolls staff
  • Requires immediate medical evaluation and/or medical or nursing care

If we determine that the prospective resident is not a good fit for Serenity Knolls, we will, of course, provide referrals to other programs that may be better suited to meeting his or her specific needs. Again, the goal of our admissions process is not to serve as an impediment to treatment but, instead, is designed to be the first step in a successful treatment experience. In many cases, that experience will occur at Serenity Knolls, but when another path is more likely to lead to the desired outcomes, we are happy to provide access to that path as well.

Depending upon the caller’s suitability for treatment and the urgency of his or her needs, we will then schedule either a program visit or an in-person admission. We encourage new residents to complete the in-person phase of the admissions process between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., but we can accommodate after-hours admissions on an as-needed basis. Again, our goal here is to provide the service that is in the best interests of the new resident and his or her loved ones.

Arriving at Serenity Knolls for Treatment

When a new resident arrives at our center, he or she will be greeted by one of our counselors and will be escorted to our intake office. If the resident is accompanied by family members, the loved ones may also participate in the first phases of the intake process.

While in the intake office, the counselor will guide the new resident through an initial interview, will assist him or her in the process of completing some necessary paperwork, and will discuss both the cost of treatment and the means by which the resident and/or his or her family will pay for care. Because treatment at Serenity Knolls is such an intensively personalized experience, the cost of care will be determined based upon the resident’s specific needs and treatment objectives. However, all financial matters will be fully disclosed and explained in detail prior to the start of services. This ensures that all residents have a thorough understanding of the cost of the services that they will be receiving so that they can then focus on the vital work of getting better without having to worry about encountering any financial surprises during his or her time at our center.

When the interview is completed, the paperwork is finished, and all financial matters have been confirmed, the intake counselor will provide the new resident with a detailed overview of life at Serenity Knolls. He or she will discuss what a typical day in treatment looks like, will review the daily schedule, and will talk about the routines, procedures, and expectations that allow Serenity Knolls to maintain an effective, supportive, and respectful environment for both residents and staff members.

If the new resident requires detox prior to fully participating the in our comprehensive therapeutic services, then this matter will be addressed either during the initial phone call or during the intake interview. One of our staff physicians will be notified of the resident’s need for detox, and the resident will complete a thorough physical evaluation with the physician within 24 hours of intake. If detox is not required, the resident will begin residential treatment.

Throughout the admissions an intake process, our goal is to ensure that the new resident and his or her family members are fully informed, get immediate answers to any questions that they may have, are treated with dignity and respect, and remain actively and positively engaged in the process.

To learn more about admissions policies, intake procedures, and any other aspects of treatment at Serenity Knolls, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We look forward to providing you with the information that you need to make the best decisions for yourself or for a loved one.

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Serenity Knolls helped not only my husband – but our whole entire family. We go back every year during the holidays to visit and not a day goes by where we are not grateful for where we all are now.

– Henriette C.