About Serenity Knolls

Serenity Knolls exists today because one man who had overcome the devastation of addiction wanted to help others.

Decades later, and after thousands of individuals have passed through our doors and begun walking the path of lifelong recovery, much has changed in the world at large, in the field of addiction treatment, and within the nurturing structure of Serenity Knolls. Through all of these changes and improvements, one element has remained consistent. Beginning on the day that the first resident arrived on our campus, and continuing for as long as Serenity Knolls exists, we will remain passionately committed to using our knowledge of addiction to help others overcome past damage, avoid future harm, and develop the skills and strategies that will allow them to achieve to their greatest potential.

Today, Serenity Knolls is a residential treatment center that provides comprehensive services to adult men and women, ages 18 and above, whose lives have been impacted by substance abuse, chemical dependency, and certain co-occurring conditions. We are prepared to provide care to men and women whose struggles include, but are not limited to, dependence upon the following addictive substances: alcohol, cannabis, stimulants, sedatives, benzodiazepines, hallucinogens, methamphetamine, PCP, and opioids including heroin, morphine, and prescription medications.

We also welcome men and women whose primary diagnosis of a substance use disorder is accompanied by co-occurring anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders, depressive disorders, trauma-related disorders, personality disorders, and temporary psychosis that is directly related to substance abuse. However, we cannot accept individuals who are struggling with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), pain disorders, and psychotic disorders that are not the direct result of substance abuse.

Depending upon a person’s specific needs and goals, his or her time in treatment at Serenity Knolls may include detoxification, medication management, individual therapy, group therapy, family/couples therapy, experiential therapy, and continuing care. We employ cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), client-centered education, and a variety of additional techniques, approaches, and treatment modalities into the care we provide to our residents. Treatment may be provided by registered nurses, certified and registered counselors, marriage and family therapists, medical doctors, psychiatrists, and other experts.

The highly personalized nature of treatment at Serenity Knolls ensures that no two residents will have identical experiences while in our care. However, all men and women who heal with us can expect the following:

  • A caring and friendly welcome into a supportive and nurturing community whose members understand the devastation of addiction and honor the strength and courage of each person who chooses to get help
  • A thorough multidisciplinary assessment of each resident’s unique strengths and needs
  • A personalized treatment plan that addresses the ways that the physical, emotional, familial, and occupational areas of the resident’s life have been impacted by his or her struggles with addiction and certain co-occurring disorders
  • Guidance through the process of identifying both short- and long-term treatment goals, and participation in the effort to determine the optimal means of achieving and exceeding these objectives
  • Active collaboration with a team of experienced and dedicated treatment professionals who provide clinically sophisticated care with unparalleled compassion, dignity, and respect
  • A vibrant family program that provides both emotional support and actionable education to ensure that loved ones can process the impact that the resident’s addiction has had on their lives while also developing the skills to support the resident’s long-term recovery following his or her completion of care at Serenity Knolls
  • Continuing support and fellowship through dynamic aftercare services that are provided at two convenient locations in Marin County and San Francisco

Our program is located in the majestic San Geronimo Valley in northern California’s beautiful Marin County. With 12 acres of land on a knoll that provides inspirational views from sunrise to sunset, our campus is a peaceful place that encourages serene reflection, quiet introspection, and renewed commitment to growth and enlightenment.

From the 1940s through the 1970s, our campus was home to a family-owned summer camp. The mission of this camp was to provide an opportunity for children who lived in the city to form new friendships and gain new perspectives on life via close interaction with the natural world. In a sense, Serenity Knolls continues that tradition today, as we endeavor to help our residents to reconnect with their better selves and form healthier and more productive relationships during the time that they spend in this idyllic location.

Today, the primary purpose of Serenity Knolls is to help men and women end their dependence on alcohol and/or other drugs and resume their pursuit of happier, healthier, and more productive futures. While we are proud to provide superior clinical care that is supported by thorough research and continually refined according to new developments in our ability to understand the disease of addiction, we are well aware of the fact that overcoming addiction requires far more than biological changes. For that reason, we place great emphasis on identifying and helping our residents to address the underlying issues and co-occurring conditions that may have contributed to or been worsened by their substance abuse. When a man or woman heals at Serenity Knolls, he or she will also receive the guidance that will lead to increased self-esteem, strengthened family relations, and improved interpersonal communication and relationship skills.

The holistic nature of treatment at Serenity Knolls ensures that each resident receives the comprehensive attention and interventions that will best prepare him or her to successfully walk the path of lifelong recovery. For more information about Serenity Knolls in general, or for answers to any specific questions that you may have about any aspect of our programming, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you make the best decision for yourself or for a loved one.

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I appreciate the respect and compassion each staff member shows us. I am often emotionally
fragile at the zooms, and the encouragement we all receive is priceless.

– Former Resident