Alcohol & Drug Detox 12-Step Treatment Program

For those men and women who are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, making the decision to work toward sobriety, even with the help of a professional addiction treatment program, can be a difficult, heart-wrenching process.

As they gaze down the road ahead, their path to recovery will be full of many unknowns. If they have been engaged in habitual substance abuse for many years, they may not remember what it feels like to live without drugs or alcohol. For many of these individuals, illicit substances may have become a tool to mask emotional pain, or cope with the negative effects of trauma. As they consider entering into an addiction treatment program to assist them in their recovery, they may wonder how they will deal with the accumulated hurt once they stop using.

Fear of Withdrawal

One of the many barriers to individuals receiving treatment for chemical dependency can be the fear of experiencing withdrawal symptoms. As toxic and harmful substances exit the body, significant mental and physical pain can occur during the detoxification, or detox, process. For some men and women, the fear of this uncomfortable process alone keeps them from seeking out the very care in an addiction treatment program that could save their lives. Additionally, drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms could cause individuals who are addicted to substances to seek out their drugs of choice to put an end to their discomfort, even when they have committed to ending the cycle of abuse. Every experience is different, however there are some common symptoms that occur as part of the withdrawal process. These symptoms can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Nausea
  • Sweats
  • Anxiety
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Aches and pains

Taking steps to seek out support and overcome the battle with addiction is an incredibly brave choice. At Serenity Knolls, located in California, we honor our residents’ strength and courage as they begin their journey toward recovery. Our goal is to empower these men and women in our addiction treatment program with the tools and support they need to lead the lives they deserve, free from the negative effects of drug and alcohol abuse.

A Clear Mind

There are many different types of rehabilitative and therapeutic services available to residents at Serenity Knolls. From individual therapy and group therapy, to 12-Step groups and experiential activities, the array of treatment methods available means that we can create an individualized treatment plan for each person who comes to us for care. However, individuals can make the most of the opportunities available to them in our treatment program for substance abuse when they are in possession of a clear mind and healthy body. Depending on the results of their initial medical evaluation, some admitting residents may need to undergo the detoxification, or detox, process prior to engaging in other activities. Detoxification services like those offered at Serenity Knolls can significantly reduce the painful withdrawal symptoms that occur when an individual ceases drug and/or alcohol use.

A Respite for Healing

Set amidst the majestic San Geronimo Valley in Marin County, California, our 12-acre property can be an individual’s respite to begin working towards a life of peace and serenity, starting with detox. We have six beds reserved for the sole purpose of detoxification for those residents who require detox upon arrival. While we cannot admit residents for the purposes of detox alone, we do provide this all-inclusive service for anyone in need of detox as they enter our 30-day program at our addiction treatment program. While undergoing the detoxification process, residents at Serenity Knolls will have access to the following services to help limit the negative symptoms of withdrawal and begin their journey to healing:

Contracted physicians may prescribe medications for detox residents. These medications reduce pain, nausea, and other discomforts that are commonly associated with withdrawal from drugs or alcohol.
For those residents who have previously been prescribed prescription drugs, we administer and monitor medications as necessary in our detox program.
Counselors monitor residents’ mental and emotional well-being while in the detox program setting.

New residents have access to a “buddy system” to help each other get through detox and become accustomed to the program.
Once the detox process is complete, and residents have regained their strength, they will start engaging in the full scope of programming as soon as they are able. Having cleared their minds and bodies of harmful substances in detox, they will have a strong foundation to begin our 12-Step program of recovery. The staff at Serenity Knolls in California is highly experienced in providing specialized treatment for addiction and related issues in the supportive, loving, and non-judgmental environment that we have created. Healing flourishes at Serenity Knolls because we are both a recovery community and a peaceful sanctuary all at once. Set amidst a magnificent backdrop of natural beauty, the Serenity Knolls property in California offers incredible sunrise and sunset views from every angle. Our multidisciplinary approach means that our residents in our addiction treatment program receive the highest clinical quality care while benefiting from the peaceful escape only a place like Serenity Knolls can provide.

If you or someone in your life is battling an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol and is need of comprehensive, yet compassionate, care that includes detox to overcome these challenges, please reach out to the dedicated staff at Serenity Knolls today.

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I appreciate the respect and compassion each staff member shows us. I am often emotionally
fragile at the zooms, and the encouragement we all receive is priceless.

– Former Resident