12-Step Heroin Addiction Treatment Center in California

Serenity Knolls offers a unique extended residential care program, the Foundation Enrichment Program, built around the 12-Step social model of heroin addiction recovery. 85% of our staff are in recovery and bring their experiences to help our residents rebuild their foundation. As part of our philosophy that realizes the strength of community, we feature a free aftercare program for life. When you start your journey to lasting sobriety at Serenity Knolls, you will never again walk alone.

Learn More About Heroin Abuse Recovery

Learn More About Heroin Abuse Recovery at Serenity Knolls

Heroin is an illicit opioid drug that destroys the lives of those who abuse it. Yet it remains a popular drug of choice around the world. Heroin produces tolerance, meaning that the longer that a person continues to consume it, the more that person will need in order to get the desired reaction. Tolerance leads to physical dependency, where the body almost seems to need the drug in order to function at all. If heroin is not consumed from this point forward, a nasty withdrawal will be experienced. This withdrawal process can be so uncomfortable and painful that many take heroin regularly just to avoid it.

The addiction rehab and treatment staff at Serenity Knolls in California knows what heroin addiction means for a person and his or her family and friends. We also know what a struggle it can be to give it up. However, we also realize that the torture experienced in the addiction cycle does not have to continue. We do not criticize or judge those who come to our heroin addiction treatment and rehab center in need of help. We simply promise to help guide the way to a healthy and happy life after addiction by providing quality treatment and rehabilitation for substance abuse concerns.

Helping a Loved One

Helping a Loved One or Family Member Get Heroin Addiction Treatment

Heroin addiction impacts everyone around the individual who abuses it. That is no news to you if you have a close friend or family member who suffers from such an addiction. You may feel extremely concerned, maybe even a little desperate, or at a loss regarding what to do. But there are ways to help. Consider the following:

  • Learn what signs and symptoms heroin use can elicit. Learn especially about overdose and what to do in the event that one occurs.
  • At first, you might not understand why your loved one will not simply stop taking heroin. Understandably, this could make you feel angry or irritated. Some education is needed, though; you must learn about the disease of addiction and the physical dependence that opioid drugs cause. That will shed some light on why your loved one continues to act in a certain way.
  • If you find heroin among your loved one’s belongings, do not throw it away. It seems like a good idea now, but it will break trust, and it will not solve the underlying problem. It will probably just cause hostility and make him or her go to greater lengths to find more.
  • Research proven methods of treatment and rehab for heroin addiction. Learn about them. Make a list of heroin addiction rehab and treatment centers near to your loved one.
  • Open some honest lines of communication. Do not judge, but show good concern and listen to feedback. When it seems like a good time, share what you found about treatment centers and rehab for heroin addiction, and let your loved one know that you are open to pursuing it together.
  • Offer to help in any way possible as your loved one seeks out treatment at a profession rehab center for heroin addiction. Help to alleviate situations that may present challenges.
  • As the treatment begins, progresses, and ends, be a constant source of loving support. Never give up. Provide encouragement and positive expectations.

Why Consider Us?

Why Consider Heroin Abuse Treatment at Serenity Knolls Hospital in California

Unstopped heroin use can cause horrible damage. Families, careers, health, and more can deteriorate and become destroyed. Organ damage, cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment, and many other health problems arise and further complicate life. HIV/AIDS or hepatitis are often contracted through sharing needles when this is the method that one chooses to ingest heroin. Overdose of heroin can be deadly.The invaluable treatment and rehab available at profession addiction centers to individuals who are suffering from an addiction to heroin can reverse the negative effects or prevent them before they begin.

When looking for heroin addiction treatment, you or your loved one may have been searching broadly for “rehab centers near me?” In California, there is one clear choice.

Types of Treatment Available

Types of 12-Step Rehab & Treatment Offered at Serenity Knolls

With picturesque 360-degree views that allow for viewing breath-taking sunrises and sunsets, Serenity Knolls, which is located in the San Geronimo Valley in Marin County, California, is a world class provider of addiction treatment and rehab for men and women aged 18 and older. Created to help adults restore and improve their lives after having battled addictions to substances, this center is where a life that is no longer controlled by the abuse of drugs and/or alcohol can be realized.

In choosing Serenity Knolls in California as the place to confront an addiction to heroin and/or other harmful substances, a person can receive the care that is needed to flourish and live to his or her highest potential. Our addiction rehab staff, which includes a multidisciplinary team of exceptional professionals who have overcome their own struggles with addiction and chemical dependency, facilitates treatment with the utmost empathy, compassion, and dedication. Additionally, each person at this heroin addiction rehab and treatment center is provided with a customized plan of care that details the interventions needed to experience the most favorable treatment outcomes. During one’s initial assessment, and for the duration of addiction treatment and rehab at Serenity Knolls, substance use concerns and co-occurring mental health needs are assessed, which then prompt the inclusion or exclusion of the below listed interventions within a resident’s personalized treatment and rehab plan:

Individual counseling: So as to gauge how residents are progressing in their treatment, the care supplied by Serenity Knolls includes daily individual counseling sessions with certified alcohol and drug counselors. During these meetings, men and women can discuss how they are doing on a day-to-day basis and can report any successes and/or setbacks that occur while they are working to overcome an addiction to heroin.

Individual therapy: We, at Serenity Knolls, are pleased to offer weekly individual therapy sessions for those who come to our center to break free from an addiction to heroin. Our staff psychologists and marriage and family therapists are the professionals who meet with residents during these sessions so that men and women can receive the one-on-one attention they need to make strides in their recovery. Individual therapy can serve as a time in which residents can talk about things that they may not feel comfortable sharing in group, establish goals for the future, and work through any emotions and feelings that they may be experiencing.

Group therapy: In order to provide residents with the support and guidance they need as they work on their recovery from addictions to heroin and/or other substances, the programming at Serenity Knolls features several group therapy opportunities each week. Group therapy sessions are led by psychologists, marriage and family therapists, experienced alcohol and drug counselors, and other healthcare professionals, and include several residents so that they are able to provide and receive support to and from one another. The following types of groups can serve as excellent opportunities for men and women to practice the invaluable skills that they are learning:

  • Process groups
  • 12-Step groups
  • Women’s groups
  • Educational groups
  • Men’s groups

Couples and family counseling: Serenity Knolls is proud to offer multifamily group therapy sessions for residents and those they are closest to. Additionally, as a leading provider of substance abuse treatment, we are delighted to include couples and family counseling services upon request for the men and women entrusted into our care and their loved ones. Given the fact that recovery success is more easily achieved when one has the support of his or her friends and family members, we purposefully supply these services in order to enhance each resident’s treatment experience as they work towards overcoming an addiction to heroin.

Weekend Family Program: The Weekend Family Program is designed to offer family members, close friends, and other loved ones the education and support that they need to understand not only their loved one’s struggles, but their own struggles as well. This program features a unique and effective process that includes education, sharing of experiences, and multifamily group therapy sessions.

Every man and woman who comes for heroin addiction rehab and treatment at Serenity Knolls in California is treated as a unique individual who possesses distinctive strengths. These strengths, as well as the concerns that a resident is suffering from, are factored into the treatment and rehab planning process at our addiction treatment center and can ascertain which of the above methods of care are needed to help each person heal and recover in a lasting and meaningful way.

Additionally, our clinical team prepares for each resident’s discharge from the moment they begin treatment and rehab at our center to confront an addiction to heroin. In doing so, we are able to determine the continuing care options that will best meet each person’s needs after leaving Serenity Knolls. Furthermore, we offer a high quality Aftercare Program that is located in two convenient locations. This program is available to former residents for a lifetime and includes weekly meetings, as well as help for men and women as they acquire the sponsorships needed to remain on the path of recovery. In sum, we, at Serenity Knolls, ensure that every facet of treatment and rehab for heroin addiction at our center is highly personalized and supportive for the duration of an individual’s time with us.

If you or someone you care about is plagued by an addiction to heroin and would like to partake in top-notch treatment that can break the chains of addiction once and for all, look no further than Serenity Knolls in California. Out staff is ready, willing, and able to help to you or your loved one determine if our center is the perfect place to begin life anew.

Serenity Knolls is your choice for heroin addiction treatment when you or your loved one asks the question: what is the best rehab near me?

Call us today and let a sober tomorrow commence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Heroin Addiction Treatment


What are the causes of heroin addiction?

Heroin is known to be one of the most addictive substances available, and can cause an addiction to develop after a single use. There are a number of factors that researchers have identified as heightening to a person’s risk for using and becoming addicted to heroin. Examples of these factors include having a personal or family history of substance abuse; being chronically exposed to crime, violence, or severe stress; associating with peers who abuse substances; and possessing a novelty-seeking personality.

Where are there heroin rehab centers in California?

There are a number of heroin rehab centers located throughout the state of California. When searching for a treatment center, it is best to search for one that is easily accessible to you geographically and that provides care for heroin addiction specifically. You will likely find the greatest amount of rehab centers to choose from in more highly populated areas, such as in and around the Bay Area.

Who has the best heroin addiction treatment center?

Determining which heroin addiction treatment center is best will depend on each person’s specific needs. Everyone responds to therapeutic interventions differently, so in order to achieve true healing, it is imperative that you locate a treatment center that offers individualized treatment plans that provide specific interventions that will best help you meet your recovery goals.

Can heroin addicts recover?

Yes, heroin addicts can recover. However, it can be a long and tumultuous process that is often extremely difficult to do without professional help. By making the choice to receive professional care, you can go through a safe and effective detox process to rid your body of the substance, and then have the opportunity to participate in a number of therapeutic interventions that are designed to help you achieve true and lasting healing.

How does heroin affect the body?

Heroin can affect the body in a number of ways, including the following:

  • Organ damage
  • Clogged blood vessels
  • Seizures
  • Irreversible cognitive impairment
  • Heart attack
  • Contraction of viruses like HIV/AIDS and hepatitis from intravenous use

Why is heroin so addictive?

Heroin is noted as being one of the most addictive substances available. The use of heroin can cause immediate feelings of pleasure, euphoria, and deep relaxation. These effects can be very desirable, making users crave more of the drug. As the drug continues to be consumed, a person’s body will likely become dependent on the substance, meaning that he or she will essentially need heroin to continue functioning. If these individuals stop consuming heroin, distressing symptoms of withdrawal will set in, often forcing them back into a pattern of use in order to obtain relief.

How does heroin addiction start?

Heroin addiction can start with a single use. The effects are so pleasurable that people frequently find themselves experiencing such intense cravings that they continue to increase the amount they are using. This can ultimately lead to the development of a physical dependency on heroin, preventing individuals from ceasing their use without experiencing highly unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal.

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My dad relapsed again. Our entire family had had enough and we were willing to go to any length to end his addiction once and for all. He went to Serenity Knolls and it turned out to be the best decision we ever made. His recovery was nothing short of a miracle, from hopeless addict to empowered father and husband.

– James C.