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Marcy Avery

Accounts Payable & Risk Management

Marcy J. Avery brings an abundance of experience and vibrant, uplifting energy to her role as the facility Risk & Accounts Payable Manager at Serenity Knolls. With a diverse background that includes executive assisting for a leading property management firm in Marin County and nearly two decades in the international adventure travel industry, Marcy has honed her skills in managing complex operations, leading large teams, and safeguarding company stability and growth.

A proud 2017 alumna of Serenity Knolls, Marcy initially joined as Office Manager in 2021, showcasing her experience and versatility by seamlessly handling the needs of staff, residents, and vendors. Her passion for creating meaningful and fun experiences led her to conceptualize the “Recovery Fishing” program for SK, a unique initiative taking residents fishing in the San Francisco Bay to foster a connection with the joy and freedom of nature in recovery.

Her journey has taken her to various corners of the globe, from the majestic Alps to culturally rich India and the towering heights of Mt. Kilimanjaro, which she has summited twice. Marcy’s commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond her professional endeavors; she has dedicated her time to volunteering in orphanages in Kathmandu, Nepal, and Tanzania, as well as having spent a significant amount of time with the Maasai tribe in the Serengeti.

Marcy’s educational journey began at Benicia High School and continued at Arizona State University, majoring in Liberal Studies. Beyond her professional achievements, Marcy is a devoted mother to a delightful 14-year-old son, Alastair, and together, they share a deep enthusiasm for supporting the 49ers.

In her role at Serenity Knolls, Marcy remains a lighthouse of support, embodying the values of joy, compassion, and recovery. Her dedication to the well-being of Serenity Knolls and its residents makes her a beloved part of our SK family.”

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