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Heather McCrea, MSW-t

Chief Executive Officer

After dedicating eight years of exemplary service to Acadia Healthcare, Heather was promoted to Chief Executive Officer in December of 2023.

Commencing her professional journey as a Group Facilitator and Admissions Counselor at a Northern California facility, Heather seamlessly transitioned to Serenity Knolls. As the Director of Admissions, she played a crucial role in the inception and oversight of the Admissions Department, where her leadership not only spurred considerable growth but also played a pivotal role in enhancing the financial success and stability of Serenity Knolls. Heather is acknowledged for her outstanding proficiency in budget oversight, strategic relationship-building, and the cultivation of high-performing teams.

Benefiting from a robust educational background, Heather has earned degrees in Allied Health and Human Services, alongside a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Cal Poly Humboldt University, where she specialized in serving rural and indigenous populations. Driven by her dedication to continuous professional development, she furthered her education by pursuing a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Ohio State University, focusing on the realms of mental health and substance use disorders.

Beyond her notable professional achievements, Heather channels her decade of personal recovery to assist others in their quest for liberation from the bonds of addiction. This distinctive perspective infuses her work with a profound sense of passion, care, and understanding, fostering a culture of empathy and unwavering dedication to aiding individuals confronting substance use disorders.

Heather is resolute in her dedication to the organization, recognizing the transformative potential inherent in the collaboration of skilled professionals and devoted clinicians. Her steadfast commitment underscores a profound understanding of the impactful work undertaken to address the undeniable needs of the client population, thereby reinforcing Serenity Knolls’ standing as a leader in the field of addiction treatment.

During her personal time, Heather finds joy in the company of her family, engages in reading, and fosters connections within her community of women in recovery.

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