Family Integration

Chemical dependency not only affects the addicted person it impacts the lives of everyone close to the substance abuser.

The Family Program at Serenity Knolls was created for spouses, friends, adult and adolescent children, or for anyone involved with the recovering person. This program takes place every weekend to assist both the person in recovery and their family and friends adjust to a new way of living.

Family members and residents are invited to observe and participate in a group that is designed to aid in the process of breaking denial and open communication among residents’ family members and loved ones. Whether an addicted family member resides with you or not, their behavior has an impact on family members that can leave a lasting negative effect if not addressed. Since the best way to break denial is to listen to others’ observations of one’s behavior, family members come together with their resident to discuss the effects addiction has had on them, and offer their loved one the opportunity to take responsibility for their addictive behavior. Communication is focused on expressing feelings and emotions without blame, in order to begin the process of healing the system.

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