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Molly Bourne, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Bourne has worked at Serenity Knolls since 2004 and currently serves as Medical Director.  She grew up in Marin County and completed medical school and training at UCSF and Stanford Affiliated Schools.  She is board certified in Family Medicine, Palliative Care and Addiction Medicine.

Dr. Bourne’s passion for helping people with substance use disorders began in medical school.  At the time, physicians were good at treating the consequences of addiction, but they did not have many tools to treat the underlying cause of substance use disorders.  Therefore, shortly after establishing her family practice in Marin County, she took a side job at Serenity Knolls to learn as much as she could about this disease.  Here, she found a new kind of education — one of compassion, understanding and hope.  For the first time, she worked with people – both staff and patients — who were successfully addressing the underlying disease of addiction from a very human perspective.  Ultimately her love for patients with substance use disorders and her awe at such a holistic treatment center led her to leave her private practice and become Serenity Knoll’s full time medical director.

“Every day I feel blessed to work at a medical facility that I would send my friends and family for the very best care.” – Dr. Bourne

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